Silkcreen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique that requires a stencil for each colour contained in the desired image.

A fast,cost-effective way of reproducing stunning image onto medium to large volume print runs with accurate,vibrant,simple line artwork to complexed images. 

  Along with standard plastisol inks, there are also few of the other techniques and processes we are currently offering subjected to the design.

Our team of professionals will review every design and suggest the most ideal method of printing.

Embroidery Printing

Precision-stitch your company logo or image onto apparels,caps and gift items by computer programmed machines created with the latest software.

Embroidery is often the cherry on the icing of the cake as an extra touch that makes your brand feel important and special.

 Images or personalised names can also be turned into a freestanding patch with border designs in assorted shapes. 

Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation printing is a relatively new method which enables quick and accurate print of hi-res image without the need to cut individual screens for each colour.

It is perfect for translating photographs and more detailed multi-coloured graphic images onto dri-fit fabric.

Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing has gained significant importance and favour in several industries especially in the personalised gift industry as an alternative for printing. 

The artwork is designed in software, then the outline is to be sent to a vinyl cutter or plotter to cut. 

   After cutting, the unwanted vinyl is removed from original vinyl transfer film, then it is ready to be heaten to the fabric.

Vinyl transfer printing is also one of the popular method of t-shirt printing which is often printed on jerseys like name & number. 

 It does not have high set-up costs however printing are constrained to only one colour.